Key Hole – necklace

This beautiful antique key hole pendant is accented by a few smaller charms.  The key hole was most likely taken from the door of Marilyn Monroe’s childhood bedroom door…although I can’t verify that as a truth…

Buy this one of a kind necklace here.


Jersey Shore (Bird Series) – necklace

This necklace is part of the Bird Series, which all feature a bird charm of various colors.  This time, a golden yellow bird accompanies a shell found at the Jersey Shore (seriously, bro).  Inside the shell is a hidden pearl that you’ll have to see to believe.  Buy this one of a kind necklace here.


New store launched!

Welcome to the blog for décligée necklaces.  Follow us here for the latest products as they are added to our web store.

As of now, all décligée necklaces are one of a kind pieces that are made with beautiful pieces that are found in antique stores, attics, and storage boxes deep in the back of the closet.  Don’t let your favorite pieces pass you by…once they’re gone, that is it!