I Like Turtles – necklace

If you like turtles as much as a kid with zombie face paint, then don’t wait to get this one of a kind necklace!  A turtle pendant with a lock and key…what’s better?  Get it here


Skate Key II – necklace

After the first skate key necklace disappeared fast, I found another key at an antique store and recreated that first necklace.

This time, it’s a Barney & Berry ice skate key. Perfect accessory for this upcoming winter.

Get it here before your best friend does.








Dental Work – necklace

All of these necklaces are one of a kind, but this one truly could never be replicated.  A gold chain suspending actual gold crowns (and a little porcelain too!)…straight from my grandmother’s mouth.  Grossed out yet? Me either.
This is the most unique necklace I will ever make, and I may as well quit now.

Get it here before it’s gone forever.

New store launched!

Welcome to the blog for décligée necklaces.  Follow us here for the latest products as they are added to our web store.

As of now, all décligée necklaces are one of a kind pieces that are made with beautiful pieces that are found in antique stores, attics, and storage boxes deep in the back of the closet.  Don’t let your favorite pieces pass you by…once they’re gone, that is it!